Natalie Roberts

My search for a wedding dress literally started from scratch. I had no preconceived ideas of what I wanted (other than not a meringue) and traipsed around a few bridal boutiques. I could not find anything I felt particularly comfortable with and felt that I was somewhat testing my mother’s patience. What a relief when I walked into Louise’s studio and tried on my dress.

I knew instantly that Primrose was “the one” and the fact that it was already a perfect fit confirmed my resolve. Indeed, it was as though Louise had made me my dress before she had even met me. The whole experience was completely hassle free and really enjoyable. Louise is a true professional – not at all pushy and she gave me some excellent advice as to how to wear the veil and pin the dress in the evening – I really was a clueless bride! The dress itself is stunning with intricate Primrose lace flowers.

I never thought I would want a full length veil, but the way it frames the dress with five lace primroses as you walk up the aisle – priceless. It was the perfect timeless dress for our Chateau wedding in Paris – tres chic.

Thank you Louise