Lucy Mather

If you’re embarking on the process of finding your prefect dress you’ll quickly discover that in spite of the excitement it’s a bit of a minefield… Unlike some shops I visited who will just order a standard dress size and from that alter as appropriate, Louise tailor made everything from scratch, and I couldn’t have enjoyed the process from toile, through fittings to the final beautiful product more. She indulged my every whim by tweaking her existing designs, and I was left with something as unique as it was classic and elegant. I can’t think of enough superlatives to describe how gorgeous it was, and only wish I had the occasion to wear it more than once (!)

I can honestly say that what Louise provides goes above and beyond just making a lovely dress though. In addition to being sartorially blessed, she is patient and kind and though it sounds like a cliché, she goes the extra mile to ensure that you couldn’t possibly feel any more exquisite on your wedding day- and that after all is what every girl wants…

Photographs courtesy of Mark Carey