The Art of Bespoke

Louise Selby wedding dresses are bespoke made for each client, so that they fit like a glove. The tailoring process typically takes two to three months and usually consists of one consultation and three further appointments: a measuring appointment, a toile fitting and a main fitting.

A number of off the peg dresses or samples are also available for that spontaneous purchase. If this is of interest, please telephone Louise to find out which dresses are available and in which sizes. This is a popular option for brides, so not all the designs are always in stock.

All consultations and fittings are by private appointment at Louise’s studio in Kew.

The First Consultation

At the first consultation, Louise will discuss the look you are after, the style of wedding and venue in detail. Louise will advise on the colour, shape and style of the gown, as well as accessories. You will be able to try on gowns from Louise’s collection to help you decide which style is right for you. Based on the design, fabrics and accessories you choose, Louise will provide a quotation for your dress. If you decide to go ahead and place an order, then a 50% (non refundable) deposit is required.

To make an appointment with Louise, please use the Contact page. There is no charge for a consultation.

The Fittings

At the next appointment, measurements are taken and fabric choices are confirmed. Once you have agreed on your bespoke design, Louise will make a calico toile of your wedding gown to try on at the next fitting, so that any adjustments can be easily made.

The toile fitting is essential because it ensures that the bridal gown will fit and flatter perfectly. It is therefore essential to wear the correct underwear at the toile fitting. Louise then makes the wedding dress itself, pinning and tucking and detailing to the high bridal couture standards that she’s known for.

Next is the main fitting, when you’ll see your wedding dress in your chosen fabrics for the first time. Further alterations can still be made at this stage, with a further final fitting if required. The balance is due on completion, when your dress is ready for collection.

The result will be a beautifully hand-made and perfectly fitting wedding gown, exclusive to you.